• Attentionthe use of electric tools
    2019-05-18 08:21:49

    1, working site

    A) please keep the working area clean and tidy. Confusion and dark work areas may cause accidents.

    B) please do not use electric tools, such as flammable liquid, gas or dust, in the environment of explosive hazard. Electric tool sparks can ignite dust and gas.

    2, electric safety

    A) power outlet must be in agreement with the power plug of the electric tool. In any case, the power plug is not available. Do not use any of the socket of the public. The non modified plug and the appropriate outlet can reduce the risk of electric shock.

    B) please avoid contact with the body surface, such as pipe, heating, stove, refrigerator, etc.. If your body is grounded, it will increase the risk of electric shock.

    C) equipment will be away from the rain and moisture environment. Electric tools will increase the risk of electric shock.

    D) please do not use the power cord to do it, such as lifting, suspending or pulling the plug from the socket. The power line far away from heat, grease, sharp edges or movement of the tool parts. Damage or winding power lines will increase the risk of electric shock.

    E) when you use an electric tool outdoors, use an extension cord that allows you to use outdoors. The use of extended power lines suitable for outdoor use can reduce the risk of electric shock.

    3, personal safety

    A) please stay awake, focus on your work, and operate the electric tools reasonably. When you are tired or by drugs, alcohol, drug effects do not use electric tools. When using electric tools, the moment of attention can cause serious damage.

    B) please wear personal protective equipment and always wear protective goggles. According to the form and characteristics of the electric tool wear personal protective equipment, such as dust mask, non skid safety shoes, safety protective cap or noise ear protection, can reduce the risk of injury.

    C) please avoid inadvertent opening of equipment. Before inserting the plug into the socket, make sure the switch is set on the "off" position. When moving or carrying electric tools, if you put your finger on the switch, or when the switch is in the open position, the electric tool plug in power, can cause accidents.

    D) before opening the electric tool, adjust the screwdriver or wrench and remove it. A tool or wrench that is exposed to a rotating device component may cause life damage.

    E) please don't overestimate yourself. Always keep your attention to the safe place and keep your balance. This will ensure that you can better control the electric tool when the accident occurs.

    F) please wear the right clothes. Don't wear too wide clothes and ornaments. Please keep your hair, clothes and gloves away from the working parts. Loose clothing accessories or long hair may be involved in the movement of the components.

    G) if the purchase of the equipment includes a dust collector or dust collector system, please correct connection and use the equipment properly. Use these devices to reduce the risk of dust.

    4, The use and maintenance of electric tools

    A) please don't overload the electric tool. Please choose the right tools for the job. Using the appropriate power tools at the rated speed can make you better and safer to complete your work.

    B) don't use the switch to damage the electric tool. All electric tools that can not be used for switching control are dangerous and must be maintained.

    C) to adjust the equipment, the replacement parts or storage device, please pull the plug out of the socket. These safety standards can prevent accidental starting of equipment.

    D) do not use the electric tools to put the place where children can't reach. Please do not allow people who do not understand the power tools or read this note to operate the power tool. Electric tools are dangerous for people who have not been trained.

    E) please take care of the electric tools. Please check if there are errors in the adjustment, the movement part of the card, the parts of the damage and other things that may affect the normal operation of electric tools. Electric tools with problems must be repaired before use. Many accidents are caused by improper maintenance of electric tools.

    F) please keep cutting tools sharp and clean. With a sharp knife edge of the cutting tool, after careful maintenance, it is not easy to be blocked, easy to operate.

    G) in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions, in consideration of the work environment and the type of operation, according to the specific power tool design purposes, the right choice of electric tools, accessories, and other tools. The use of electric tools in the design of the use of the scope of work will likely cause danger.

    5, battery power tools for maintenance and use

    A) before loading the battery, please ensure that the switch is off. Electric tools that will be loaded on the battery may cause accidents.

    B) use the charger to charge the battery. For a battery charger, it may cause a fire when charging the battery.

    C) use a specially appointed battery in the electric tool. Using other batteries may cause damage and fire hazards.

    D) please do not use the battery away from office folders, coins, keys, nails, nuts or other small metal objects that may cause a short circuit. Electrode short circuit may cause burning or even fire.

    E) improper use of the battery may cause the liquid to flow out. Please avoid contact with these liquids. Once in contact, rinse immediately with water. If the liquid enters the eye, seek immediate medical attention. Out of the liquid may cause skin irritation or cause to burn.