Founded in the 1990s, KIMO has grown from a small workshop to a global enterprise that develop, research, design, produce and sell Lithium-Ion Power tools in just 30 years.

Being exceptionally hard-working and humble, KIMO has surrounded itself with industrial experts, tradespeople and Do-It-Yourselfers to deliver forward-looking, customer-oriented and durable solutions. In the last two decades, KIMO has spent millions of dollars in its R&D just to optimize its lithium-ion base - batteries. It is determined to build and provide the one-stop cordless battery platform, through which professionals can use various tools freely. Now, KIMO Li-Ion batteries have become one of the most durable batteries of its kind, guaranteeing 1000 charge cycles, supporting over 100 KIMO tools. It’s this dedication that makes KIMO a significant supplier/manufacturer for the middle-east, southeast Asia and European market.

In the next 30 years, KIMO will hold on to their root values of honesty, reliability and credibility to innovate to become the world leader in the power tool industry.